March 20, 2017

QC Process Ensuring Quality LED Bulbs and Lights at SeniorLED

Ensuring quality LED tubes, bulbs, and lighting fixtures means deploying rigorous quality control equipment and testing standards. At SeniorLED, we have put into place a production and QC process that ensures power efficient LED products that last longer and deliver unmatched lighting.

Today, we will introduce you to LED light testing equipment and instruments that help us deliver best lighting solutions to our global LED clients. Have a look and gain better understanding of our LED manufacturing and testing process:

AC power source and digital power meter

The LED light testing equipment helps our team run full operation tests under varying voltages and ensures that LED products perform at their best even in excess voltage. The LED testing instrument also helps in running dimming test which is important to ascertain optimal LED performance.

Integrating sphere

The LED testing equipment helps in running vast range of tests including electrical performance test, photometric parameter test, and colour parameter test. All the above tests play a crucial role in ensuring quality LED lights by taking into consideration forward voltage, reverse leakage current, power factor, colour rendering index, radiation flux, and more.

IES test

Running photometric parameter test and electric performance test is important to set high LED lighting standards for testing and certification. Both tests help SeniorLED get light distribution, luminous efficacy, light angle beam, power factor, voltage, and current right. This is something every top LED manufacturer and supplier takes care of, whether in the USA or China.

Ageing test rack 

LED tubes, bulbs, and lighting fixtures delivered without ageing put customers in risk of faulty LED products. That’s why our team of LED engineers have made provision of 72 hours of ageing light source; 72 hours of ageing test on IC, capacitor, and resistor; 48 hours to 72 hours for ageing leakage; and 36 hours for impact test.


Hi-pot tester and illuminometer     

While illuminometer helps in running light intensity and uniformity efficient tests, hi-pot tester is used to conduct 1005 voltage resist test according to UL and TUV standard. It is through such tests that top LED companies control quality and become the best source to buy quality LED lights.


Vibration instrumentation

Assembling is a critical part of building top quality LED lights and hence it is vital to ensure fastness of the assembling. This LED light testing equipment helps our engineers in making sure that LED tubes and lighting fixtures are in top shape and will have a long lifespan.


Drop test

As the name suggests, this test checks sturdiness of LED tubes and product packaging. Drop test is crucial to avoid LED product damage during transportation and hassle to our clients in the USA, Canada, Middle East, and Australia.

Above LED light testing equipment and procedures makes SeniorLED the first choice of businesses and entrepreneurs running searches like ‘where to buy quality LED lights and bulbs’. Learn more about QC process deployed at SeniorLED.

A registered brand in the USA and Canada, SeniorLED goes to great lengths to ensure best LED lighting solutions to its clients. The company is also publishing detailed LED buying guides on its blog and Slideshare to educate businesses and entrepreneurs. Email your LED requirements at to get the best LED quality and pricing in China.

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  1. Such kind of QC process is always required for the production of good quality of LED lightings. You are one of the few LED manufacturers and wholesalers of China which openly discloses it QC process and cares to deliver to top rated LED products. I’m glad that you are keeping full transparency in your LED manufacturing process.I’m looking forward to talking about some business with you. Thank you

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