March 14, 2017

Top 12 Questions to Ask LED Manufacturers and Suppliers Before Buying

With tens of thousands of LED manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors, importing LED lights and tubes for your business could be difficult. Be it China, USA, Canada or any other place, everyone claims to be the best. To simplify the task of selecting and buying LED lights, our team of top LED engineers have come up with this detailed question based LED buying guide.

Ask these 12 LED buying questions from your potential LED supplier and distributor to make the best LED investment:

As LED manufacturer and supplier, are you catering to global clients and organizations?

This question will tell you whether your chosen LED supplier is working at a small scale or has international presence. This is important if you are importing a big consignment of LED lights and tubes for your hotel, corporate office, commercial space, school, hospital or any other major establishment. SeniorLED has a rich client base in the North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, and Asian countries. We are also a registered brand in the USA and Canada.

What kind of safety certifications and testing processes do you have in place?

Safety certifications and rigorous testing is important to ensure that your LED lights are safe and won’t lead to technical glitches later on. Make sure that you import LED tubes and lights that have been CSA tested and carry UL, DLC, CE and TUV certifications. SeniorLED promises all the listed certifications and impose industry’s best testing process to ensure top notch quality.

How do you ensure safety of LED products during transportation?

Panel lights, LED tubes, and other lighting solutions are highly prone to damage during transportation. Hence, ensuring top notch packaging is critical while importing LED lights. At SeniorLED, we offer wooden box packaging and premium shipping to ascertain that LED lights are delivered in the best possible shape. We also provide Product Liability insurance from AIG to reduce risks for our clients.

Are you part of any CRS activity?

Very few companies acknowledge that they have a responsibility to the society in which they operate and generate profits. While this is not directly related to the quality of your LED lights, it surely speaks a lot about company you are partnering with. SeniorLED has partnered with UNICEF and donates a portion of their revenues to improve lives of children and young mothers across the world. Read about our CSR efforts!

How long have you been in the LED business?

It is always better to partner with a brand that has stood the test of time. Asking this question will make you familiar how many years your potential LED manufacturer and supplier has spent in the industry. Go for a LED company that has at least one decade of experience in manufacturing and distributing top quality LED tubes and lights.

I’m concerned about power bills. How much power does your LED solutions consume?

Power bills can be a big pain point in the long run. That’s why it helps to ascertain the power efficiency of your lighting solutions before placing the order. Buy LED tubes and lights from manufacturers and suppliers that give top priority to energy savings and efficient lighting. LED lights rank highest in terms of power savings and also last longer in comparison to incandescent bulbs or halogen lamps.

What is your QC process?

A stringent Quality Control process is the most important aspect of building long lasting LED lighting solutions. Hence, gathering insights about the production and quality control process of LED lights matters a lot. Here’s how production process of SeniorLED looks like.

Does your LED lights take time to warm up?

Bulbs and LED lights that time to reach full brightness are not built using latest lighting technology. Invest in LED lights that shine at full brightness as soon as they are switched on to ensure that you get the most modern and long lasting LED products for your residential and commercial building.

How are you helping LED buyers and distributors make informed decisions?

Every LED manufacturer, supplier and distributer in the market is there to sell products but very few help buyers make informed decisions by sharing informative guides, documents, and blogs. Creating content that helps LED buyers and companies pick the best solution for their need shows commitment that goes beyond generating maximum LED sales. SeniorLED regularly contributes to top LED publications and magazines to educate decision makers about importing and buying LED lights.

Does your led lights come with warranty?

It is hard to judge the quality of LED bulbs and tubes within a couple of days or months. That’s why it always helps when you get a warranty card with your LED consignment. Top LED manufacturers and suppliers offer product warranty of up to 4 years and are more than glad to make replacement if their LED lights fail to deliver. So, don’t forget to inquire about the warranty before closing the sale.

Do your LED lights get hot?

Every LED light generates some amount of heat due to the use of LED diodes but it shouldn’t be so much that it damages the electronics in the long run. At SeniorLED, we design LED blubs and lights that quickly dissipate this heat and hence have a longer lifespan.

How vast is your product portfolio?

A large catalogue of LED products means a wider assortment of products to choose from. It means that you are joining hands with a LED brand that caters to diverse lighting needs and has a firmer grasp of the market. A big product portfolio also means that you don’t have to look for another LED supplier if you need some other LED solution. Dimming LED lights are the latest addition to our product portfolio.

Above 12 questions will help you pick the best LED manufacturer and supplier in China, USA, Canada, or any other place.

SeniorLED has simplified buying LED tubes, lamps, panel lights, grow lights, and high bay UFO lights across the world. Whether you are seeking top quality LED products or want to be become part of the LED industry by becoming a distributor, we have the best LED offerings & distributor plans.

Get in touch with us to discuss your LED buying queries with top manufacturers and suppliers of LED lights in China.

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