December 15, 2017

Safe Light Bulbs – A Lighting Innovation with Benefits Galore

The buzz around safe light bulbs has grown drastically in last couple of years. According to a recent poll, 65% of Americans intended to shift their lighting from traditional incandescent high-energy consuming bulbs to highly energy efficient LED lights, healthy lights, halogen lights.

Furthermore, the U.S government have banned 40 & 60-watt low-efficiency bulbs & also imposed ban of the manufacturing of incandescent bulbs in the U.S. The major reason behind the ban was the inability of incandescent bulbs to meet federal energy efficiency standards.

SeniorLED has been committed to healthy lighting for many years now and has great LED products lined up for the USA market. Today, we will talk about safe light bulbs and how they are nothing less than a lighting innovation.

Safest Light Bulbs –Product details  

Safe light bulbs are the light bulbs that meet high energy efficiency & human health standards. Also known as safest light bulbs, they are the result of full spectrum and low blue wavelength technology, specially designed to mimic sunlight wavelength spectrum precisely.

The color rendering index (CRI) of natural sunlight is 100, which is used as a standard of comparison for other lighting sources. Safe light bulbs that use full spectrum light technology maintain a CRI of more than 80, which reflects various colors naturally. Below lighting products fall in the category of safest light bulbs:

* Healthy and wellbeing LED bulbs

* Full spectrum lights

* Sunlight light bulbs

* Circadian light bulbs

* Mood light bulbs

These bulbs use revolutionary low blue light technology that improves performance, productivity and overall well-being.

Choosing the best safe light bulbs is quite easy. Given the specification and benefits of mood lighting for making employees more productive and performance oriented, it’s best suited for offices and business workplaces. Full spectrum, wellbeing and sunlight light bulbs are primarily used in houses, healthcare centers and schools for being highly energy efficient and health focused.

safe light bulbs

Safe Light Bulbs – Major Benefits

The biggest natural example of safe lighting source is sunlight. Full spectrum light bulbs produces similar wavelength spectrum as the sunlight, hence producing similar benefits for humans. Below are the major benefits of using safe light bulbs over traditional lighting sources:

* Circadian lighting maintains circadian cycle Circadian light bulbs are specially designed for balancing circadian rhythms during sleep. Unlike traditional light bulbs, circadian light bulbs balance melatonin secretion and help in regulating circadian cycle.

* Mood lighting improves office productivity – According to the studies conducted by American Society of Interior Design, 68% office employees are not happy with their office lighting. Researchers found that exposure to mood lighting resulted in 20% increase in employee’s performance.

* Full spectrum lighting improves mood & alertness – Full spectrum light bulbs mimic sunlight wavelength spectrum to a certain degree and resembles well balanced artificial lighting which positively affects mood functions. These bulbs are being used to enhance mood functions in schools, offices, and health centers across the world.

* Healthy & wellbeing lighting maximizes mental functions – Studies have shown that individual’s mental and cognitive functions can be increased by 23% if exposed to healthy lighting. Healthy lighting activates various sections of the brains responsible for cognitive and mental functions, which helps an individual perform cognitive tasks effortlessly.

The Global LED lighting market is expected to be valued more than 90 billion dollars in 5 years and is growing at an expeditious rate of 13 percent per annum. Keeping the changing mindsets towards lighting in consideration, leading LED manufactures are focusing on developing healthy lighting related quality products.

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Get a quote for safe light bulbs

SeniorLED, one of the most dynamic LED manufacturing companies in China, is focused on developing innovative LED lighting products and have a growing product catalog of healthy LED lights, mood light bulbs, circadian lights, wellbeing lights & sunlight light bulbs.

With a highly advanced production line, the promise of AIG insurance, and the status of being  a registered brand in the USA, SeniorLED has become one of the top safe light bulbs manufacturers and suppliers in the world.

To get bulk supply or worldwide distributorship of safe light bulbs, drop an email to or call (+86) 139 6488 0018 to get in touch with our executives.

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