October 30, 2018

Switch To LED Lights – 10 Compelling Reasons to Make The Lighting Leap

The power-saving features and a longer lifespan are not the only reasons why commercial business outlets, offices, and factories across the world are switching to LED lighting from old-technology driven halogen and fluorescents light bulbs. There are more! Way more!

Being the prominent leader in global commercial LED lighting space, SeniorLED has decided to list out a few reasons that’ll make you switch to LED lights, in case you haven’t already.

Here are the 10 reasons that are compelling enough to make you switch to LED lighting:

Highly energy-efficient

Energy-efficiency is the prime reason behind the uprise of LED lights. Understanding the benefits and importance of LEDs, commercial units, industries, and factories are quickly switching to led lighting. In comparison to old halogen & fluorescent light bulbs, LEDs save about 30 percent of energy consumption resulting in substantial savings in energy cost. For industrial units & commercial warehouses where a lot of energy requires for illumination, LEDs have become a perfect choice & a huge money saver.

Longer lifespan

A quality LED light has an average lifespan of 50,000 hours. With longer operational life, LEDs can reduce extra costs of replacing bulbs in your offices or workplaces, achieving a lower maintenance lighting system. This is another reason why businesses and commercial units are switching to led lighting.

switch to led lights


LED lights are free from toxic materials and are 100% recyclable, and also help reduce carbon footprint. Unlike fluorescent light bulbs, LED lights do not contain hazardous mercury thus are environmentally safe to use. To maintain the ecological shift, most businesses and industrial establishments are continuously switching to led lighting. Indeed a big step to greener future.


As LED lights are made of small emitting diodes and shielded with plastic and aluminium materials, they are highly durable in comparison to incandescent lights. They are nearly unbreakable and can easily bear multiple falls on the ground. The durability of LED lights further adds to the reasons to switch to led lights.

switch to led lighting

Maintain Circadian rhythm

Innovative & revolutionary LED lighting products are yet another reasons why businesses are switching to led lights. For instance, circadian LED lights, that produce bioactive circadian white light which regulates Circadian rhythms and improves overall productivity. For business places and commercial units where a large number of employees work, circadian lights come as an ideal lighting solution that not only maximizes the employee productivity but also improves the overall well-being of employees.

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Zero harmful UV emissions

In comparison to incandescent and fluorescent lights, LED light fixtures produce a negligible amount of harmful ultraviolet rays (heat waves) which makes them a comparatively safer choice. Other than that, LED lights are highly suitable for goods and materials that are sensitive to heat. That’s why they are in high demand among cold storages, museums, and art galleries.

switching to led lighting

Operational in extremely cold & hot temperature

LED lights are ideal for operating efficiently under cold and low-temperature settings. Old fluorescent lamps produce dim light in extremely cold temperature but LED lights provide the same bright lights at normal temperature. Furthermore, It does not take warm-up time to work efficiently. Due to this advantage, cold storage firms & ice-creams businesses prefer LED lights over other lighting solutions.

Zero buzzing sound

Unlike CFL & incandescent bulbs, LED lights don’t produce any noise even after being used for many years. While most incandescent lights have a common complaint of hearing a buzzing sound coming out during the power shift or fluctuation, switch to LED lights luminaries make your workplace noise free.

Looking for best LED lights for businesses & workplaces? Check out the list of 10 best LED lighting for business centers, offices, warehouses, and other commercial establishments.

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Work under low-voltage

Ability to work perfectly under low-voltage supply is another strong reason to switch to LED lights. This allows offices & workplaces to work even in low or dim power conditions. Unlike incandescent bulbs, they don’t get fused or damaged while working on low-voltage supply. Furthermore, LED lights can be operated by connecting an external solar-energy source, a big advantage when it comes to using LED under low-voltage.

Safety concern

An LED light has no mercury, no harmful chemicals, and has less heat dissipation. The Ultraviolet rays produced by LED light is negligible as compared to other lighting solutions present in the market. Due to these advantages of LED lights, they are highly recommended for commercial and business units. There is no denying that switch to LED lights can bring immense health and monetary benefits in long run.

That sums up all!

The above reasons for switching to LED lighting clarify the benefits and significance of LED lighting in commercial as well as residential sectors.

switching to led lighting

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