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T5 Led Bulb

T5 Led Bulb with below listed great features

  • Long Life: up to 15,000 hours, can extend according to customers’ requirements.
  • Unique Shatter-Proof design: Extremely robust with aluminum and polycarbonate cover,with high thermal conductivity heat sink and excellent radiation effect.
  • Integrated mounting bracket and tube: Includes mounting brackets, connectors and cables; Cable and plug to allow it to be hardwired. Male and female socket, allowing one batten to be directly connected to another.
  • Instant start, no noise, no flicker, no UV or IR
  • Anti-electromagnetic interference.
  • Over-voltage protection, over-current protection, overload protection, short-circuit protection.
  • Energy saving and Environment protection: no mercury and other harmful materials
Key Benifits
  • High transmittance pc cover, balance refracted ray.
  • Embedded lamp holder: The wire is safe and durable as flame-resistant materials are used. The lamp holder plug is a “solid metal needle”, which is high pressure resistant, and not easily damaged or deformed. That makes its quality very
  • Built-in constant current driver: Tin phosphor bronze contact element is adopted, with many advantages such as small emitting radian, good conductivity, non-aging.
  • Unique Transparent lamp holder, no dark space after installation.
  • Our products are a much better quality than those at similar price points. For those of a similar quality, we provide a better price.
  • We provide OEM service, except for customized T5 tube orders.
  • Small orders accepted; helping each customer individually.
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