March 6, 2019

Top 10 Restaurant Lighting Ideas for Perfect Ambiance & Appeal

Lighting is the key element behind a restaurant’s ambience. Nowadays, restaurants incorporate modern lighting to their premises to create the perfect atmosphere for the diners and set the overall personality of the place. From architectural friendly LED lights to mood lighting, a lot has been happening in restaurant lighting.

SeniorLED is about to share 10 immaculate lighting ideas with restaurant owners that will enhance the ambience and appeal of any restaurant. Below are the best ideas from leading LED lighting suppliers of the world:


Accent lighting

Accent lighting will bring out the architectural highlights of your restaurant. This LED lighting technique is being used to highlight the wall fixtures, above mirrors and bathrooms, making your restaurant look practical as well as phenomenal. Accent lighting is currently popular lighting concept with interior designers and used across the world.

LED Restaurant Lighting

Menu lighting

Modern LED lights are being used to highlight food menus. Restaurant staffs are using LED light systems to illuminate the menu and make it visible to customers sitting in every corner of your restaurant. It is a great way to display latest offers, discounts,  and your top rated dishes. Using LED lights in restaurants is also an economical & eco-friendly thought too.


Pendant lighting

Great for bars and lounges, hanging pendants are considered as one of the most practical restaurant lighting techniques. Use this bar and restaurant lighting technique to effectively high spot the key elements of your diner like bar assets, drinks display, and food menu.


Hanging chandeliers

Chandeliers have a unique spark and widely deployed by exotic restaurants. Many italian food serving restaurants follow this lighting idea to create an elegant ambience. Replace conventional bulbs with LED lights and double the brightness of your eating house.

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Candle lighting

Sometimes, conventional works the best. Create a romantic ambience by using candles on your restaurant’s dining tables. Couples like the lighting dim as conversations tend to go long and food is savoured slowly. It is also good idea to use dimmable smart LED light or mood lighting.


Outdoor lighting

Outdoor dining has always been in trend. Especially, when the food is barbecued on the smoke. Use LED fairy lights by properly aligning  LED strips and create a magnificent experience for the customers. Make the best of your space by choosing an ideal theme lighting.


Track fixtures

Track lights offer practicality as well as flexibility. They create focal points for your restaurant and enhance its overall appearance. It is cheaper compared to chandeliers, pendants and goes with the urban cafe theme quite well. It is a good idea to install them in your restaurant.


Fan lighting

The most unique feature of LED lighting is its architectural friendliness. LED’s ability to incorporate with the modern architecture makes it most popular lighting solution. Choose ceiling fan lighting for your spicy food restaurant or semi-outdoor food place so that lights don’t directly hit the eyes of the customer and remain overhead.


Illumination lighting

This happening LED lighting idea has been adopted by many successful restaurants. By focusing on featured artwork, ornaments or objects, the combination of accent and ambient lighting works wonders. If you have a creative approach towards your restaurant’s lighting, chose LED fixtures to create the perfect ambience.

LED lights for Restaurant

Natural lighting

Nothing can surpass natural light. But it is not always possible even for the sun to be always there. Play with temperatures when you want your customers to experience natural light. Choose a warm ambience when the sun sets. It will harmonize with the dusk and give your restaurant a cozy feel.

The above ideas will definitely give the desired ambience to your restaurant and will get more restaurant recommendations. LED lights are versatile and go well with modern as well as contemporary architecture. But before choosing an LED light system for your restaurant, it will be wiser to consider:

  • The surrounding: What kind of ambience you want for your restaurant?
  • The menu: What kind of food you will serve to your customers?
  • The restaurant timings: If you are open at night, the lighting will  be different than a lunch buffet restaurant.
  • The interior design: Your lighting should go with your restaurant’s theme.
  • Your budget: Choose wisely and select the best at economical costs.

Also go through these important considerations to buy LED lights for workplace.


Buy modern restaurant lighting

LED lights are the future because these non-toxic lights illuminate the surroundings in an eco-friendly way. LEDs have remarkably helped in achieving sustainable development to a great extent for restaurants and businesses across the world.  

SeniorLED has been lighting commercial spaces for more than a decade and has delivered immaculate LED lighting solutions to thousands of global businesses. As a US & Canada registered brand, we have a satisfied customer base across the globe which is expanding, everyday.  Discuss your commercial lighting needs with us at and get the best lighting solution for your commercial requirements.

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