April 4, 2017

10 Points that Make SeniorLED top LED lighting wholesaler of China

SeniorLED has come a long way since it was founded in 2008. The leading LED lighting wholesale and distribution company of China has made an impact in global lighting market that very few LED manufacturers have managed to make. Today, we are sharing exact points that helped us become the best LED wholesalers and suppliers in highly competitive markets like the USA, Canada, Middle East, Asia, and parts of South America.

Here are the 10 points that make us the top LED manufacturing and distribution company of China:


Power-efficient lighting solutions  

SeniorLED has always been committed to evolving LED products that conserve energy and last longer than regular fluorescent lights. To accomplish this, we invest a great deal in research and come up with unique lighting products that are particularly loved by businesses that share our vision of minimizing energy consumption and protecting environment. We are one of the few LED wholesalers and suppliers in China that specialize in power-saving lighting solutions.


Highly qualified LED team 

Building high quality and power efficient LED products requires in-depth know how of optics, electrical engineering and heat management. That’s why SeniorLED has built a team of engineers that have graduated from the best universities and have experience that span decades in their respective field. Our brilliant team of LED engineers keep us ahead of quickly evolving lighting industry, and generate unique LED wholesale advantages for our brand.


Rigorous testing procedures  

SeniorLED is counted amongst the top LED lighting wholesalers and suppliers of China, and this couldn’t have been possible without delivering top-class LED products. We deploy a diverse set of testing and quality control processes including IES Test, Ageing Test, Hi-pot Tester, Drop Test, and Vibration Instrumentation to ascertain quality of our LED tubes, bulbs, and panel lights. This greatly improve product life and client trust.


Vast product portfolio

SeniorLED is a truly global manufacturer and supplier of LED lighting solutions. We have spent many years understanding the global LED market and slowly added to our product catalog. Currently, SeniorLED offers LED tubes, LED panel lights, outdoor lights, grow lights, High Bay UFO lights, and tri-proof LED tubes. We also recently added dimming LED lights and Reading Bulb to our diverse collection of wholesale LED products. So, whatever your LED need, we can meet it!


LED certifications

LED lights and tubes at SeniorLED are built with world class technology and bring the advantage of UL, DLC, CE and TUV certifications. We have raised the bar of LED quality in China by focusing on long lasting and high efficiency lighting solutions. All our LED tubes are CSA tested which helps us earn client trust as leading LED lighting wholesale company of China. Our commitment to safety also positions us strongly in the LED market.


Promise of product insurance

The biggest concern of businesses and entrepreneurs importing LED lights, tubes, and bulbs from China is damage during the transit. To handle the issue, we introduced Product Liability insurance from AIG which covers the risks associated with buying LED tubes and lights from offshore wholesalers and suppliers. The AIG insurance played a big role in connecting us with new client base.


Corporate social responsibility

SeniorLED believes that brands have a bigger responsibility to the society. That’s why we have joined hands with UNICEF to make a difference in the lives of children and young mothers of the developing countries. A portion of our earnings from every order goes to the international organization doing a phenomenal work to better lives of lesser privileged. This is something we think every LED lighting wholesaler and supplier should strive for.


Catering to diverse clientele

Power efficient LED lights and tailored lighting solutions helped SeniorLED reach vast range of industries including hospitality, healthcare, real estate, small businesses, construction, manufacturing, mining, and heavy industries. As LED light wholesalers and suppliers, SeniorLED has made a much bigger impact across the globe by helping businesses and companies lower their overhead and maintenance costs.


Commitment to awareness

SeniorLED realizes how difficult it could be for business owners and entrepreneurs to discover the right LED lighting wholesaler and supplier. That’s why SeniorLED contributes to top LED publishers like LEDinside to create awareness about buying LED lights. Our LED buying guides and checklists are known for their LED insights that promote informed decision making. We make this possible because we have the drive of a startup even after spending a decade in the lighting industry.


Tailored lighting solutions

Every business and organization has unique lighting needs. Hence, assuming that a small catalog of products can fit every need out there is not the right approach to solve lighting related challenges. By following a needs based approach, we help clients choose the right LED product for their requirement. This is another big reason why we have become the most trusted LED wholesale and distribution brand in China.

A registered brand in the USA and Canada, SeniorLED is one of the biggest contributors in the global revolution of power saving and long lasting LED products. Do you want to order LED lights for your hotel, hospital, office, manufacturing unit, commercial hub, shopping center or real estate project? Browse our complete range LED products or send an email at to discuss your requirements with top team of LED engineers and get custom quote for your requirements.

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  1. Came across your company on Quora and was curious why so many people recommended you. This blog perfectly answers this. I have been purchasing lights and tubes from LED lighting wholesalers of China for the past 3 years but none of them makes so much effort to educate the buyers about lighting products. And I truly admire your association with UNICEF. Keep doing the great work! I will connect when my next real estate project nears completion and requires lighting products.

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