January 21, 2017

Top LED Products from Seniorled on Youtube

Seniorled uses diverse channels to educate LED buyers about its product offerings. Youtube is the obvious channel for top quality video content. Today, we are sharing top LED products of Seniorled witnessing high demand in global brand and demonstrated through Youtube’s engaging platform.

Here are the top 5 lighting products from Seniorled on Youtube:

Water Proof Ceiling LED Panel Light

This LED product brings aluminium casing that conducts heat away from the LED chips and provides protection. High quality chips used in the panel lights promise reliable performance and long lifespan. The video also features live demonstration of water resistance by Seniorled team. Watch the video to learn more or buy LED panel lights in China here.


LED T8 Tube Lights

This product from Seniorled brings advantages that even top LED manufacturers of China cannot promise. Its fully polycarbonate tube cover provides efficient light transition and protection from shock. The highly durable LED light is available in 3 colour temperatures, 3 lengths and 5 different power outputs. Watch the video for live demonstration of strength. Buy LED t8 tube lights here.


LED Light Tubes with Heat Sink

This LED tube brings all the features of other t8 tubes with additional benefit of heat sink technology. The China made LED t8 tube is fully UL and DLC certified and has been tested for higher performance in commercial as well residential units. Watch the video to learn more about the t8 LED tube. Drop an email at for purchase inquiries.


Seniorled has become the leading LED manufacturer and supplier of China by focusing on product quality and client satisfaction. Our status of a registered brand in USA and Canada also distinguishes us from other LED distributors and suppliers in China.

Do you want to purchase lighting products for your home, office, manufacturing unit, or commercial centre? Call (+86) 139 6488 0018 to get the best price or drop us an email at

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