March 22, 2018

Top Grade LED Shoebox Lights & Street Light Bulbs – SeniorLED

By leveraging LED technology and focusing on R&D, SeniorLED has designed top-grade LED shoebox lights and street light bulbs that bring special circuitry and optimal heat radiation. For the last decade, we have been constantly focusing on developing advanced LED lighting solutions with specifications which will bring power efficiency, superior illumination and state-of-the-art features.

Have a glance at the features and specifications of LED shoebox lights and LED street light bulbs, also featured in SeniorLED’s LED lighting catalogue.

LED Shoebox Lights

LED shoebox lights from SeniorLED are specially designed LED fixtures which are perfect to illuminate a large area and have been proven to be ideal for use in public road lighting, village road lighting and parking lot lighting. Here are the prime features that make our LED shoebox lights unbeatable in terms of energy efficiency and power output.

  • Featuring a modular lens design which is optimal for the lighting distribution of parking area light

  • Better heat dissipation & hollowed out style heat sink

  • Equipped with slip fitter, U-bracket and straight arm

  • Fade resistant powder coat finish

  • Waterproofed with IP65 protection

  • Easy installation and low maintenance

The product is part of our CE Outdoor Lights Catalog. Check it out!

LED shoebox lights

LED Street Light Bulbs

SeniorLED’s LED street light bulbs have been praised for being highly energy efficient, durable and are currently being used to illuminate roads and streets in rural as well as urban areas. The key features which make our LED street light bulbs one of the best in the market are:

  • Green and energy saving

  • Stocked with aluminum fin heat sinks and active air exchange cooling systems which increases heat dissipation

  • Mercury-free, IR and UV free lighting experience

  • No RF interference

  • Special circuit design which solves the broken LED influence problem

  • Wide color availability in degrees 2700-6700K.

  • Life span of 50,000 hours

LED shoebox lights 

Check out what people have to say about product quality and after-sales support of SeniorLED on Quora.

Inquire about LED Shoebox Lights & Street Light Bulbs

SeniorLED has been manufacturing and distributing highly innovative LED lighting solutions for the past 10 years. Our recently updated CE and UL Indoor and Outdoor lights catalog include an expansive range of LED lighting products which raise the standard for LED lighting products in terms of energy efficiency, durability and features.

Send an email to for product requirements related to shoebox LEDs and street light bulbs or simply call (+86) 139 6488 0018 to discuss queries with our LED engineers.

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