May 28, 2018

Top Grade LED UFO Lights and Kits from SeniorLED

For decades, SeniorLED has been continually catering for the growing demand of LED UFO lights and LED UFO light kits. By leveraging futuristic LED lighting technology and utilizing high quality components, we create high-end LED UFO lights and kits with top-of-the-line features that appeal to corporate, businesses, warehouses, and parking lots.

Have a detailed look at the product specifications and features of the LED UFO lights and kits from SeniorLED:

LED UFO Lights and Kits – Unmatched features

Being the only internationally renowned supplier which provides emergency backup for LED UFO lights, SeniorLED’s LED UFO light kits are precisely built with aircraft aluminium for better heat dissipation and performance.The technical specifications of our UFO LED lights truly make the product a league apart. Below are the best examples to show why they are the obvious choice:

Adopted Meanwell Driver, Universal AC Input/Full range up to AC120 – 277V or AC347-480V

Philips 3030 SMD Led light source, large-size chip with high brightness and low light decrease

The current margin with LED chip rated current 150mA and actual use is only 120mA for extended UFO LED lights lifespan and increased light efficiency

Adopted Meanwell Driver, Universal AC Input/Full range up to AC120- 277V or AC347-480V

Built-in active PFC function, PF≥0.9 and conversion efficiency ≥90% fully encapsulated with IP65 level

High efficacy Epistar LED chips, up to 165lm/w.

A part of SeniorLED’s indoor LED lighting catalogue, our UFO LED lights are the number one choice in industrial and office settings around the world for their vast range of benefits. Having reviewed the technical capabilities of the UFO lights, let’s have a look at the key benefits of our LED UFO light kit.


LED UFO lights

Key Benefits and Features of LED UFO Lights

Our indoor LED UFO lights are a huge hit in the USA, Canada, Australia, the Middle East, and Asia. The prime benefits and highly advanced features which help our LED UFO lights and kits command a dominating position in the market are as follows:

Level Ip65 waterproof and dust proof.

Uncomplicated design and highly durable in nature.

Built with aircraft aluminium which provides proper heat dissipation & performance.

Our UFO LED lights include optional light sensors and microwave sensors.

An AIG insured product: SeniorLED’s UFO LED lighting products are insured with AIG Product Liability Insurance.

Protection function saves your UFO LED tubes from short circuiting, current surges, over voltage, and overheating.

A separate Light board & power supply along with thermal conductivity, air convection design for enhanced lifespan of the UFO lights.


LED UFO lights

Inquire about LED UFO Lights from SeniorLED

A registered brand in the USA & Canada, SeniorLED is widely recognized for innovative and supreme quality LED lighting products such as our magnetic LED light strips, shoebox lights, LED panel lights, flood lights, etc. We have been supplying high-quality advanced LED UFO lights and kits across the globe for more than a decade now. Send an email to to get in touch with our LED lighting experts about product inquiries and more information.

Check out what international buyers have to say about our product quality and service on Quora. Follow SeniorLED on Linkedin for product news, amazing content, and distributorship.

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