December 17, 2016

Top Reasons of LED Light Damage and How to Avoid it!

Whether you use LED garage ceiling lights or have LED grow lights, they are prone to damage if not handled with care. To help you with the task, SeniorLED is sharing the top causes of LED light damage along with pro tips and ideas to fix them.

So, here’s what you have to lengthen the lifetime of your LED products along with some pointers for manufacturers as well:

Cause 1 – Volatile power supply   

Fluctuations is power supply can seriously damage your LED products, be it T8 LED tube or best-in-the-industry grow lights. So, check the power supply and see if it works normally. Indicator light should light up; if not so, check the connection of power supply, recommends top LED light manufacturers.

Also, check the LED bead’s wire connect with the positive and negative power supply. If there is a reverse-phase, make sure the connection is correct.

Cause 2 – Input voltage requirements

Nominal 3V input LED beads in different colors have unique current requirements. Yellow color LED chip require minimum current, followed by red, green, white, and blue. If the current is too big, it will scorch the LED beads.

There is chance of damage to yellow LED beads by using 2.4V rechargeable battery. That’s because even if the voltage is not big, the current is large and thus the LED beads can still be scorched.

When using button batteries (with battery voltage of 3V), make sure that the button batteries output current is very small. As top LED light manufacturers of China, we recommend selecting suitable power supply source for LED beads.

Cause 3 – Fault of large power LED beads

There are two filaments mounted on the top and end. Industry calling is gold wire to be conductive using two positive and two negative. However, good LED products will have a fifth wire welded to the zener which has protective effect.

If the filament becomes shorter, then, obviously the light will be scorched with more current, which equals to short circuit.

Driving current of high power 1W is about 350ma. Operating voltage is between 3.2-3.6V. Please note that excessive current will burn the light. So, protect your LED tube and lights from the same.

Cause 4 – Issues with expoxy resin and curing agent

LED outer sealing glue turns yellow mainly because of the unmatched Expoxy Resin and Curing Agent. There also can be another reason for the outside sealant to get baked overtime.

The solution is to buy matched Expoxy Resin and Curing Agent. For example, Shanghai Chemical factory’s Model 800 or 2339 glue. Besides, pay attention to production control, operate in strict instructions, and avoid the overtime or insufficient baking.

Cause 5 – Issues with electrical leakage

There can be many reasons for this LED damage source. Some of them are:

  • Machine devices are not grounded
  • Workers do not wear wrist strap (it must havea line)
  • Improper electrostatic protection
  • Bad quality of LED beads is also a reason

While manufacturing LED lights and tubes, we take care of all such anomalies to make sure that clients get the perfect LED products.

Seniorled manufactures and supplies LED garage ceiling lights, waterproof LED lights, T5 and T8 LED tubes, and LED grow lights across the world. It follows top manufacturing practices and quality standards to create all its products.

Connect with best LED light manufacturers and wholesalers in China to discuss your LED lighting requirements.


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