May 12, 2016

UL Announced the New Class P LED Driver Program

UL Class P LED Driver

UL releases new class P LED Driver program

UL Releases Class P LED Driver

LED Technology not only provides higher efficiency and longer lifespan to lamp products, it also provides much greater freedom in product design. UL (Underwriters Laboratories), a global safety science organization, announced the launch of its new Class P LED driver program, giving lamp manufacturers greater flexibility in their options of supply chains for LED drivers. Therefore allowing it to optimize and take the advantage of all LED technology.

UL is the first Standards Development Organization to officially offer the Type TL LED Driver Program, giving lamps suppliers and manufacturers of LED drivers greater flexibility in their supply chain. Now, UL was also the first one again to announce the Class P LED Program. The program defines evaluation and testing guidelines for standardized LED driver construction and ratings, which allows LED lighting manufacturers to source alternate LED drivers without having to certify their products again. The Standardization was made together by the participation of the industrial associations, and it finally got approval by the UL 8750 and list as additional items in UL8750 standards, which is an important development to LED equipment for lamp products.

With the rapid development of public security and efficiency trends, as well as rapid technology innovation, these can help to promote the development for lighting industry with more opportunities appearing. However, it will also bring many challenges. Besides our professional lighting expertise in aspects of global testing, certification and standardization development, UL also progress certification program of products, which can offer more efficient and cost-effective pipeline to LED manufacturers and help them to get their products approval and gain acceptance on global markets smoothly. For top LED light distributors, like SeniorLED, this programme presents opportunities to develop more LED lighting with lower cost.

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