July 4, 2016

Distributors Trust Waterproof LED panels For Growth

Distributors trust LED panels for growth

LED distributors are constantly searching for new industry products that will assure growth for them in their target markets. The latest waterproof LED ceiling panels are proving to be a great choice for many.

waterproof led

US Wholesalers and distributors are constantly searching for lighting products that will impact in the market and save energy. LED light panels are rapidly becoming a favourite choice of business owners. The lights often replace the old fluorescent ceiling lights in commercial hubs. Furthermore, the LED panels contribute towards a better environment and also cut back on maintenance time and cost. SeniorLED’s waterproof LED ceiling panels have been receiving a tremendous response in the American and Canadian light markets.

“LED ceiling panels offer great flexibility in design, thus giving owners an opportunity to explore new layouts, effects, and shapes with the use of these lights. Numerous companies are choosing SeniorLED panels for their work spaces to create an illuminated atmosphere without the extra cost”. Says a product manager at SeniorLED. High luminosity is one of the biggest selling points for SeniorLED panels supported by aluminium materials and photo-conductive plates. The sealed design and reflective panels deliver a high level of luminosity, boosting business productivity. Additionally, many panels also allow adjusting the strength of the lights, so employees can opt for eye-friendly and soft light, compared to the harsh and unpleasant lighting in offices.

Waterproof LED panels

The waterproof LED ceiling panels from SeniorLED are IP65 rated with A grade SMD LED 2835 chips, chosen specifically for their longer life span and reliable performance. The power for the lights is connected with a standard waterproof driver and connector. Moreover,8 patented waterproof structure of the panels, assures a protection that is unbeatable by any other products in the market. The products offer a 2-layer protection that doesn’t degrade over time and also protects from moisture and humidity.

An experienced sales manager at the company quotes, “Our products are unique and innovative, giving an edge to our wholesalers and distributors to boost their business. Many commercial spaces tend to pick our products over competitors due to our adherence to quality standards and affordable pricing. Any distributor dealing in our affordable LED ceiling panels will definitely enjoy success in his business because of our outstanding product range”. The panels offered come in 4 standard sizes, 300×300 mm, 300×600 mm, 600×600 mm and 300×1200 mm, giving an option for customers to pick the right size based on their space requirements. They suit any commercial application like covered swimming pool ceilings, sports stadiums, retail spaces, supermarkets, work spaces and hotels.

About The Company:

SeniorLED is one of the leading LED light companies in China. The company produces and supplies their innovative products to wholesale distributors around the world. By offering UL and DLC certified lights, specifically for USA and Canada markets, SeniorLED has made a strong penetration in many economies around the world.

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Building H, Wanda Industrial Zone,

Shenzhen, China

Tel: (+86) 139 6488 0018

Skype: solarleading



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