May 20, 2017

Waterproof LED Bulbs: SeniorLED’s Product analysis

While the LED industry is growing, only a small number of LED manufacturers and suppliers are investing in R&D to come up with advanced lighting solutions. SeniorLED has been committed to the task of evolving power saving and high performance LED bulbs since 2008. Today, we examine water proof LED bulbs built by our team of highly qualified LED engineers which are being used in swimming pools, hotels, underground parking lots, fountains, and stadiums across the world.

Let’s begin with the product features that help us become the top waterproof LED bulb wholesaler in China:

Waterproof LED bulbs with IP65 protection

Before getting into the technical details, it’s important to understand what IP65 means in terms of water resistance LED lighting. IP, stands for Ingress Protection or International Protection rating, it is an international standard that defines the level of protection against dust and water. So, IP65 protection means that our waterproof LED bulbs have a high resistance for dust and water jets, making it one of the most in-demand waterproof LED lights for pools and aquariums.

Structural advantages of waterproof LED light bulbs

SeniorLED NEVER compromises with the quality of it’s LED products to reduce costs and maximize profits. That’s why we are using patented waterproof structures and waterproof glue. This provides greater protection in comparison to other waterproof LED bulbs available on the market. The patented structure will continue protecting the LED lights even if the glue loses its strength after years of usage. This unique structural advantage has made SeniorLED the first choice for waterproof LED light bulbs in fountains, aquariums and stadiums in the USA, Canada, Middle East, Australia, and Asia.

waterproof LED bulbs

Best LED lighting components for extended lifespan

Every lighting product made at SeniorLED goes through stringent quality checks and testing processes to ensure superior LED quality. The same goes for our waterproof LED bulbs and lights. Let’s dig deeper into the LED lighting components to get a better understanding of the product capabilities:

  • Taiwan Ever light 2835 A grade SMLED Chips for better brightness and performance.
  • The IP65 EU standards ensures high efficiency and longer lifespan to the waterproof LED light bulbs.
  • For better heat dissipation, we use high thermal conductivity aviation grade 6063 aluminum frame in our water proof LED lighting products.

Popular usage of waterproof LED light bulbs

IP65 waterproof protection makes our LED products suitable for a diverse range of environments and conditions. Whether you plan on buying for indoor usage or outdoor lighting, our LED lights bulbs will not be adversely affected. Here are the outdoor and indoor environments which are currently using our top rated waterproof LED lights:

  • International hotels
  • Swimming pools
  • Large stadiums
  • Underground parking lots
  • Aquariums

To help business owners and organizations better understand the capabilities of our high quality waterproof LED light bulbs, we also created an introductory video. Check it out:

Our innovative waterproof LED light bulbs come with 3 years of warranty, anti-flicker technology, and stable performance. SeniorLED believes in making high quality and eco-friendly LED products for future generations and is working tirelessly to further enhance our LED offerings.

Our hard work and commitment towards our clients not only puts us on the radar of international businesses and corporations but also gets us recognition on platforms like Quora and LEDinside.
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  1. I have been studying about waterproof LED lights for over a year now and many brands are manufacturing these lights. But I admit that the technology and safety parameters used by you to manufacture waterproof LED panel lights makes you one of the top waterproof LED panel lights manufacturers and suppliers.
    This blog is great and full of information. Thanks!

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