March 9, 2018

15 Proven Ways of Saving Electricity in an Office

With ever increasing office energy consumption, business managers globally are looking for efficient ways of saving electricity in an office. Better insulation, installing good quality appliances, and switching off fans & lights are some basic energy saving ideas for the workplace that companies are already implementing. However, that’s not enough to significantly reduce power consumption cost of a big corporate building.

Besides basic energy saving methods, there are plenty of other ways which can notably lessen the electricity consumption in an office. Being the leading wellbeing lighting manufacturer, SeniorLED has decided to share some proven but not-very-popular ways of saving electricity in an office.

Here are the 15 proven energy saving ideas for your workplace or office: 

1. Deeply comprehend the office’s energy bill. Observing how much energy is used during one business day may reveal some areas for saving energy. Also understand your penalty charges to figure out how they can be avoided.

2. Regularly clean and maintain electrical units, heating appliances and lighting fixtures at the office premises. Repairing malfunctioned units & appliances could also become a major expense. Hence, this is a highly critical money and energy saving idea for workplaces.

3. Installing light dimmers will not only lower the energy bill to some extent but also boost employee productivity and overall well-being. That’s because it will help in maintaining different levels of natural lighting in the office.

ways of saving electricity in an office

4. Besides being known for strengthening productivity & improving health, circadian lighting is also good at saving a huge amount of power. Upgrading to modern circadian lights or any other power efficient LED lighting will generate long term savings.

5. Make sure that switches are perfectly labeled so that office staff remains aware of the right switches. It would prevent them switching on and off too many appliances. Very simple way of saving electricity in an office.

6. Instead of using a Fax machine, use scanners and eFax. Old fax machines use much more power and their toner replacement cost is another reason to show them the pink slip.

7. When away from the office desktop or laptop for more than 10 minutes, turn your monitor to sleep mode. Do you know that monitors are accountable for more than 30% of a computer’s energy consumption? Putting them to sleep therefore will definitely save energy in your workplace.

8. Invest in specially designed low-energy light bulbs in the lobby and waiting area since they tend to lessen electricity consumption to a certain degree. For better insights in to low- energy bulbs, read this blog

9. Encourage office employees to take the stairs over the lift. The practice is great for health and triggers huge electricity cost savings as well. This is one of the most efficient ways of saving electricity in an office.

10. Most appliances still use power even when they are turned off. Items left plugged into the sockets such as laptop charger, mobile charger can consume 20 watts of power. Also, remember to turn switches off at night or on weekends.

11. Prefer laptops over desktops. According to the ACEEE, when in active mode, laptops use 30% less power than typical desktops. A single laptop can save about 20$ in an energy bill, annually. Read more about power saving capabilities of laptops on Chron.12. Consider 5-star rated electrical appliances that consume less power. Offices use air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, coffee machines and other high-on-energy appliances. Make sure they have a high energy efficiency rating.

13. Building insulation techniques use natural and synthetic products to create more energy efficient buildings. This power saving tip is especially relevant for under-construction offices and office infrastructure planned for upcoming years. Insulated ceilings could bring major benefits to your energy bill.

ways of saving electricity in an office

14. Reduce heat loss and energy costs of your office building by installing airtight building systems. They improve air quality by preventing hot air from escaping or cold air to pass slowly. This modern technique creates an internal blanket around the building and seals all cracks and gaps.

15. Modern LED lights are known for consuming small amounts energy and promoting savings. However, continuous innovation from leading LED brands like SeniorLED has resulted in the emergence of advanced energy efficient LED solutions for workplace lighting and corporate lighting. Email info@seniorled.comto inquire about workplace and corporate lighting.

Besides the above 15 best ways of saving electricity in an office, there are certainly many other methods that can efficiently reduce your office’s energy bills.

Do you know any other effective energy-saving ideas for the workplace which deserves to be on the list? Let us know in the comment section, and we will be more than happy to make them part of our list.

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