October 24, 2017

Wellbeing Lighting & Human Centric Products are the Future

In 2000 Integra Survey, 44% office goers reported stressed eyes and 34% reported tendencies of insomnia. At times when we have stopped listening to our body (circadian rhythms to be specific), the need to shift the focus to wellbeing lighting and human centric design is paramount.

Scientific research and studies have proven that lighting can make a world of difference in improving mood, productivity and overall health. That’s precisely why SeniorLED decided to expand its catalog of well-being lighting and human centric LED products.

Wellbeing lighting is certainly the future but before going deeper into it, let’s first understand what exactly the term means.

Wellbeing Lighting – Meaning

Before understanding wellbeing lighting, we must get clarity on the meaning of wellbeing. To put it simply, wellbeing is our perception of being comfortable, healthy, and in a state of mind to deliver our best. So, wellbeing lighting is a way of brightening our surroundings which makes us feel healthy and happy.

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Well being light products are the ones built with our circadian system in mind. They make a positive impact on our mood, productivity and health which is the reason why companies and organizations across the world are switching to human centric lighting and wellbeing light products. This is one of the reasons why SeniorLED shifted its focus to healthy lighting in past couple of years and came up with products like high accuracy Reading Bulbs.

Health Centric Lighting – Importance

According to NIOSH report, around 75% of employees believe that workers have more on-the-job stress than a generation ago. In 2000 Integra Survey, 65% of workers said that workplace stress causes problems and over 10% described themselves as struggling with them. The risk to factory and office workers is the greatest because they are working in artificial lights all day without any access to natural light.

Workspaces and everyday lives nowadays are a lot more stressful in comparison to earlier decades. In such a scenario, it is quite surprising to believe that the majority of the LED manufacturers and supplies have still not embraced the idea of healthy lighting, since it can contribute greatly in minimizing adverse effects.

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According to independent researches, human focused lighting can improve productivity by up to 23% and also enhance mind recall by 25%. It is proven that healthy lighting products are better for wellness because they positively influence alertness, mood and overall well being.

Blue Free LED Lights – Wellbeing Innovation by SeniorLED 

The adverse health effects of blue light has been documented and accepted by the World Health Organization and the American Medical Association. While smartphones, televisions, e-readers, and automobiles also emit harmful blue light, the reach of blue light emitting LED bulbs and tubes is wider. Keeping the same in mind, SeniorLED started manufacturing blue free LED lights under its human centric lighting category.

Low Blue LED light bulbs from SeniorLED are a unique LED source package that emits blue-free light & CRI95, 100lm/W simultaneously, which improves productivity and overall health, whilst checking bioactive blue light during the day. Our team of LED engineers has studied the blue-light problem for many years and have overcome technology as well as knowledge barriers to develop the perfect blue free LED light.

SeniorLED took its first step in the direction of wellbeing lighting two years ago, and is now aggressively manufacturing & distributing our well-being lighting products. Have a look at our Medium post to see more.

Inquire about human centric lighting

SeniorLED has been catering to the wellbeing lighting demands of hospitals, hotels, corporate offices, commercial spaces, and shopping centres for many years now. A registered brand in the USA and Canada, we want to be the torchbearers of well being lighting in China. Explore our huge catalogue of LED products that cater to the lighting needs of North America, South America, Asia, Middle East, and Europe.

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