April 17, 2017

Why choose T8 LED tubes over traditional fluorescent tube lights?

Ever since T8 LED lights tubes came onto the market, the demand for traditional fluorescent tube lights has been shrinking. It has quickly become first choice of hospitals, small businesses, manufacturing units, and commercial spaces. While awareness of the power saving and environmental benefits of the T8 LED light has become widely known, some business owners are still not sure about the advantages of T8 LED tubes over traditional tube lights.

In this blog post, SeniorLED – top LED light manufacturers of China – will show how T8 LED tubes are many times better than traditional fluorescent tubes lights. Here are the reasons why you should choose T8 LED lights for your lighting needs:


Environment and health benefits

Harmful environmental effects of fluorescent tubes are probably the most important reason that T8 LED tubes are preferred worldwide. The far reduced environmental impact of LED lights is also a major reason that LED light manufacturers and suppliers have been shifting their focus.

According to recent studies at Stanford University, 1 mg of mercury will pollute around 5454.5 liters of drinking water. Fluorescent tubes contain 3 to 46 mg depending on size and age. Could you even imagine how much hazardous waste must be getting produced by disposal of fluorescent tubes? T8 LED tubes contain no mercury, and that is why they are considered safer than others.

t8 led tubesEnergy efficiency

LED T8 tubes are up to 40% more energy efficient than fluorescent tube lights. This gives clear advantage to LED T8 lights and explains the growing demand in across the world. Businesses and organizations have become increasingly conscious of their power consumption and favor power saving lighting solutions over traditional ones. This is also something that we have personally observed as an LED manufacturing company.

Power savings are of the utmost importance because greater power usage results in increased greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately to global warming. SeniorLED realizes this and thus delivers power saving LED products in a vast range of LED categories.

Pro tip – Check out our commercial LED buying guide to make the right buying decision.

t8 led tubesGreater lifespan

The lifespan of an average T8 LED light tube is about 50, 000 hours whereas florescent tube lights will only provide 30, 000 hours of life. Due to the lower average lifespan and high mercury content, fluorescent tubes are increasing the hazardous waste of businesses and damaging their carbon emission commitments. A great lifespan also reduces the overhead costs associated with replacement of LED lighting products which further adds value. No wonder demand for LED light manufacturing has picked up globally.

Superior lighting quality

T8 LED lights don’t have any of the flicker issues that traditional fluorescent tubes do, and provide significantly better lighting. This is a large reason why SeniorLED is the favored LED manufacturer and supplier for businesses and organizations in the USA, Canada, Middle East, and Australia. We have also recently launched dimmable lights to help large warehouses, shopping centers, and manufacturing units to reduce power costs and simplify management.

While the above are some of the most important reasons for the growing popularity of LED T8 tube lights, SeniorLED has become a global brand in the LED industry by focusing on unmatched product quality and amazing after-sales support. To ensure top performance for LED tube lights, we put all our LED products through stringent quality checks. This is the reason that most of our products come with international safety certifications and accreditations.

Browse the complete collection of UL, DLC and TUV approved T8 LED tube lights. Drop an email to or call us at (+86) 139 6488 0018 to inquire about other LED products in our catalog.

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  1. Wow. I was planning to buy fluorescent lights for my business to save some money but I guess T8 LED tubes are a much better alternative. Once you take into account lifespan and energy efficiency into account, there remains no doubt about the superiority of T8 LED tubes and lights. Just dropped you guys an email about the pricing details of T8 LED tubes. Hope for a quick response and quote.

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